About me


I strongly believe that everyone has enough inner force to make his dreams come true. I would like to tell you a little more about myself, so that we can be acquainted better and maybe become friends! I will not excogitate anything; I will tell you the truth. Thus, my story can probably be rather long, but it will not be boring for sure. So, let us begin…

My name is Fedor Georgievich Milykh. I am a clinical psychologist, traditional Chinese medicine consultant, biohacker practitioner and a former general practitioner.

In 2002, I graduated from the Russian State Medical University with a degree in General Medicine. 

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In 2012, with honors I graduated from the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis with a degree in Clinical Psychology. 

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In 2015, I completed training focused on the neurodynamic diagnostics and disease treatment with acupuncture methods and now I practice DSD acupuncture in my consulting activity.

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Since 2015, I have been practicing fasting therapy, and since 2019, I switched to the food break method, which assumes abstinence from food every month for seven full days.

In 2019, I completed seven food break cycles and spent 72 days without food. I want to say right away that some cycles were longer than seven days and their duration took from nine to twelve days.

My weight ... or when love for yourself wins over food...

Now I am 46, the better half of my life I, just like you, had problems due to the excess weight, dissatisfaction with my appearance and health problems.

My maximum weight was 96 kg with an approximate height of 173-174 cm. 

However, in my childhood, I had no problems with the excess weight, I was not thin, but my body tympanum was normal. I graduated from the institute in a good physical form. My weight was 67 kg!
Well, I was a young and slim doctor, full of ambitious plans at the outset of my career. I was living on my own: I had no regime, I did what and when I wanted. I ate dumplings, fried potatoes for dinner ... I was still single. 

started living with my family; I had already weighed somewhere about 75 kg. Well, you know how family life looks like. You have more food and it is so delicious. In general, I did not even notice how by the age of 29-30 I gained up to 84-85 kg. At the age of 32-34, my maximum weight was 96 kg. 

I would like to say that I have always worked on fitness, and I also had cardio training, but because of my dietary regime, I could not lose weight and everything I could do was to lose weight only up to 82-84 kg and I could not reach the health weight.

I never smoked, drank, I did not have craving for it. However, food and especially sweets, pastries, and carbohydrates were my Achilles’ heel. Moreover, the work mode: sedentary lifestyle, office, patients ... in general, nothing good ... for losing weight.

How I started to practice fasting ... and found out what ACIDOSIS was...

Such situation continued until the age of 43. However, fortunately one day I saw an advertisement of a Moscow clinic providing fasting therapy. They offered rather expensive program of 7-day fasting, and I decided to try it. Actually, I had the experience of 4-5 days of eating only vegetables, and I even lost a few kilos, but I gained the weight back rather quickly as soon as I returned to the settled diet system. Diets also gave only temporary improvement, but I could not follow the strict diets whole my life. Thus, I decided to try fasting. Moreover, as I had graduate medical education and I had read many materials on this topic, I could evaluate the fasting system... Thus, I made a well-argued decision.

However, in practice, the fasting system turned out to be really “rigorous”, as I would not even wish the enemy to experience something of the kind of an acidotic crisis. 

Thus, cutting a long story short I had very high blood pressure during two days (my normal blood pressure was 130-140/90, but I had 190/110!). I spent two days in bed, I had fever, severe weakness, fast heart rate and my pulse rate was about 105 beats per minute, while my normal pulse rate was about 65-70! 
Women from my group also felt really bad (our group consisted of 15 people, 3 men and 12 women)... However, we toughed these 2 days out and completed the fasting therapy. For me personally, it was the first time when my weight reached 78.8 kg and it was superb, after my 84 kg, because since the studentship I could not lose weight, although I tried many times! 

Moreover, during the fasting cycle, I had realized one more important thing – a person could live without food for rather long period. We listened to various lectures on the history of fasting therapy and, of course, we were provided many facts and medical statistics on fasting benefits, but the most important thing was our personal positive experience and the understanding that it was not the end of the world if we got no food! Yes, of course, you can meet negative moments such as acidosis, but you can tough them out and ... achieve your goal – lose the weight...

Fasting after analysis of the first fasting cycle experience 

Then I started looking for a home-based fasting method. It is quite obvious, as 1300 euros for 7 days of stay in hospital is too much! However, it will not cost less, as patients are under 24-hour medical supervision. Acidosis is a rather serious condition, as a person can become fatally ill at one moment.

Then I was lucky to get acquainted with my colleague, Dr. Voroshilov, who had modified the fasting system of Pr. Nikolaev. Thus, his system has become acceptable for home use.
From the beginning, I had many doubts, as I had the fasting experience and remembered of acidosis. Thus, I was afraid to stay alone without any help in case of acidosis. It was really scary!

However, Alexander Pavlovich consulted his patients over the phone during the fasting cycle according to his system and I agreed. And never looked back, because following this fasting system I did not suffer from acidotic crisis, I did not experience deterioration in condition, and I actually led a normal life only without food. During the first cycle, I reached the weight of 75 kg. It inspired me.

One fasting cycle can help you to lose several kilos of excess weight and save you from certain diseases. Moreover, healthy eating after the fasting cycle will help you maintain this weight until the next cycle.  

Of course, you will gain weight, but it is more important not to gain the kilos, which you have lost during the last cycle. In an ideal scenario, no more than 30% of the lost weight!
Thus, you will be able to reach your normal weight from cycle to cycle, and continue keeping it normal until the death.
I tried various things out, studied dietetics, recommendations of Voroshilov and developed a nutritional method for the breaks between fasting cycles. In fact, healthy diet between fasting cycles is just as important as fasting itself.

This knowledge and skills can lead any person to his main goal – ACTIVE, LONG AND HEALTHY LIFE WITH BEAUTIFUL BODY!

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I would like to congratulate you on the correct choice of the fasting therapy method! My personal experience shows that it is the most effective home-based method for losing weight as well as for body normalization and rejuvenation with minimal expenses and investments. I was trying to create the most comprehensible lessons, after which any person could use this system with profit to himself and his health. The training program includes face-to-face meetings via Skype, where I will be happy to answer all your questions that can arise during the studying of the educational material.

I hope for constructive communication, see you in classes and chatroom.

Stay healthy.