Hello, I am glad to see you on my website!

I am Fedor Milykh and now I would like to know you better, and at the same time introduce you to our team, mission, values and ideology. I want you clearly understand what we offer. As it is very important for us to build a system of mutual confidence and understanding, on the basis of which our future communication is built.

Briefly, our mission can be formulated as follows:

  • We will help everyone who wants to believe in himself and change his body and life with our help in the most favorable direction, which is possible only for the genetics of each person, regardless of his sex and age.
  • We want to show people that they should not be afraid of abstinence from food and those changes that healthy fasting brings.
  • We want to share our professional knowledge and results in the sphere of biohacking and active longevity with people who are looking for rejuvenation methods and are ready to implement them in their lives.

Fedor Milykh

Ais a project founder, clinical psychologist, Chinese medicine consultant, professional fasting practitioner and biohacker. He is interested in issues related to active longevity and healthy lifestyle.

Alexander Voroshilov

Ais a general practitioner, author of the intermittent fasting system, has been practicing fasting therapy for more than 30 years, thousands of patients all over the world use his fasting system.

Sergey Kalaganov

Ais a digital marketing and video-making specialist. He is a very communicative man. He can easily mix well with any person. As a hobby, he is fond of photography, painting and goes in for sports ... and... practices fasting!

We believe in you and believe that….

Any person is capable of phenomenal deeds. That is why, we help people to believe in themselves and start their path to the global personal change.

  • We will not show you your sensible spots or beautiful bodies of professional athletes as unachievable goals. 
  • We will not play on your feelings and emotions, and we will not breed a complex of inferiority, as each person is unique!
  • We will make you believe in the possibility of positive changes with the help of fasting therapy and modern biohacking techniques. We want you to wish these changes to happen to you.
  • We want people to believe us and accept our help in this difficult moment of global personal transformation as this path is rather complicated and everyone will require not only personal motivation, but also professional support of practitioners.
  • We want everyone, who passes this path with our help, to sincerely share his success with other people. Thus, we will create one big family of like-minded people, which is ready to help everyone who needs a hand!
  • We are not just a website offering you to purchase electronic educational products concerning fasting therapy and biohacking, we are here to teach you to apply our knowledge and, actually due to their regular use, become the best version of yourself!

Weight loss results and health improvement when using usual diets

Weight loss results and health improvement when using fasting cycles

We are striving to do the proper things... right things... not from the standpoint of public opinion, but of the practice of long-lasing fasting therapy, and practical knowledge in the sphere of biohacking, which we use ourselves and which are used by tens of thousands of my clients and patients of Dr. Voroshilov.

Let me tell you a very useful story! Nowadays, the basic rule of dietetics for people who are losing weight sounds as follows: the ratio of proteins-fats-carbohydrates is the proportion of 25-30-45%. However, does it suit you? Perhaps, it does not! How can you find it out? In such case, you should do special genetic testing. The genetic testing identifies eight single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of seven genes. The tested gene variations show the presence of inherited predisposition to obesity, the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates in your body as we as the influence of physical activity on your weight. We practice this knowledge in our work, and our clients get personal recommendations on nutrition between fasting cycles.
Thus, effective dietetics is personal dietetics and in each individual case, the ratio of proteins-fats-carbohydrates will differ, and it can strongly differ from accepted 25-30-45%!

According to our ideology, we understand that ...

  • Right means not always easy and definitely! It means, if we see in practice that our system does not work, it means that it does not work at all, and we will not provide it to our clients, even if all nutritionists say that we are wrong.
  • We protect our principles of dietetics and nutrition, as we have our own practice in fasting therapy and nutrition between fasting cycles. We clearly understand that our principles do not coincide with socially accepted norms of eating behavior.
  • We are always driven by correctness and honesty in interpersonal relations as it is our FIRST rule, and financial benefit is not our main objective.

We call in question generally accepted nutritional norms, attitude to fasting ... As ... they are not always correct, and they are rather contradictory…

Our team is fighting with accepted norms of eating behavior not because we rebel, but because many years of experience clearly show that many of these norms are wrong and not proven by life practice.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself ... fat, fitness supplements and false targets...

I have always struggled with excess weight ... and I always wanted to have athletic body. The fitness industry shows us ideal bodies in the info sphere, and under this pretext, they sell fitness supplements for weight loss, fat burning and muscle growth. However, in reality, more than 95% of these products do not have any reliable clinical background and have no effect in the way specified by the manufacturer! Perfectionism, untenable goals and imaginary perfection ... Let us be honest! People from magazines have many opportunities to get the bodies they show to public. Ultimately, their bodies are their source of getting income! Moreover, as an ordinary man goes to work, these people go to the fitness club and to beauty therapists. In addition, there are various steroids, anabolic steroids and they also often use all these products, especially in the pre-contest period. However, it can be rather dangerous! The price for physical perfection is directly proportional to the degree of health decrease. The situation with fasting therapy is completely different. It not only helps you to get rid of fat, but also stimulates natural mechanisms of body normalization and rejuvenation. Thus, it is really great to have a perfect body, but it is not the point! Personal happiness, psychological comfort and health come first. In addition, if you have beautiful body, then the goal is fully achieved!

Maybe you do not understand what I am talking about, as if a person falls into the trap of low self-esteem, self-distrust and depression, then it is rather difficult to convince him, and thus, he requires the help of a professional psychologist.
Unfortunately, nowadays, many people suffer from these problems and cannot find solution on their own. While the fitness industry continues introducing ideal bodies in the info sphere, forcing people compare themselves with some mythical standards. People lack of self-confidence. They believe that the goal is almost unachievable. The influence of aggressive propaganda of the ideal body becomes even dangerous for the society, as nobody wants to think about the health and happiness of a particular person. On the contrary, everyone is busy selling fitness supplements and harmful training programs, which often damage health, instead of making people stronger, happy and self-confident.

Consequently ...

  • You can look well without expensive fitness supplements; it is enough to study the system of correct fasting and nutrition between fasting cycles. 
  • When you get delicate figure only due to the healthy nutrition, you will feel calm and confident!
  • Nobody can show you how you should look like. He (she) is not GOD for such instructions. The fasting therapy and your body genetics will show you who you are, and which body you require for healthy and happy life in this reality!
  • You should not become perfect! It is enough to become happy and healthy and enjoy the achieved results in the current moment of your life!

We want to become friends with our clients …                                                              

We are not an e-store and the seller-buyer relationships do not work here. Coming here you need global changes, at least, you want to change your body! Therefore, we are here to share our knowledge and experience in fasting therapy, healthy nutrition and unique knowledge in the sphere of biohacking. In order to make our communication successful and you achieve your goal of body transformation and prolongation of life, we should know each other rather well and have a certain level of credibility. That is the point, where I have started my conversation! That is why we treat any client very attentively and we are always in touch when you really need our knowledge and help.

Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today...

It means the earlier you start, the faster you reach your goal! Therefore, we will achieve our goal – the popularization of the concept of fasting cycles on a wide scale basis, in different countries. Everyone has his own goals, but it is much more pleasant to do it in the company of like-minded people, isn’t it?

  • We strongly believe that the future is determined by our present actions, but not by long reflections and inaction.
  • You should not look for excuses and wait until tomorrow, next week, month or year to take the first step.
  • We know it for sure that the best moment for goal achievement is exactly today and right now.

Our vision of the future …

We would like to live in the world, where people do not strive to become perfect as the existing standards, but they want to become the best version of themselves. These people have found a balance in nutrition and sports; they are satisfied with their bodies and feel sound and satisfied. Each our product or service intents to make this future your reality. It is up to you to decide!

Do you have interesting ideas or you want to join us?

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